From scraps to stock!

As a vegetarian, vegetable stock is an essential base for many meals, including risotto, soups and casseroles, and not forgetting a good gravy! It’s important for me that a stock is full of flavour, to really bring together a wonderful meal. Yes, it’s easy to buy vegetable stock in a pack from the local supermarket, but have you ever considered making your own? I hadn’t until a few weeks ago, when I was told an easy way to make it, with the added benefit of making use of kitchen scraps, creating a rich, flavoursome stock. Here’s how you can make it too!

5 Foods You Should Eat To Beat…

Whether you’re suffering from dry skin or joint pain, why not try the natural approach. We take a look at 5 food you should eat to beat…

1.) Skin dryness: healthy cold-pressed oils

Dry skin can be associated with lack of healthy fats in your diet. An easy way to get more of them is to increase your intake of nourishing cold-pressed oils – especially flaxseed, hemp seed or avocado oils.

Natural and Organic Products galore

Celebrating its milestone twentieth anniversary, Natural & Organic Products Europe returned to the ExCeL London on 17-18 April, for its 2016 edition.

Widely regarded as the flagship event for the UK and European natural and organic products industries, the show’s extensive three-theatre seminar and demo programme – spanning two days – plays host to a number of high-profile brands and top experts from across the natural and organic world. 

Nappies from banana leaves

Areas in Rwanada is carpeted with banana trees. Although the bananas have a clear use, the rest of the tree does not. That’s where a wonderful group of students from Enactus at Newcastle University came in. They worked closely with a village in Rwanda to create nappies and sanatary towels from what would otherwise be waste products. Not only do the villagers now have a sustainable product, they have a sustainable business that they can continue once their British students return home.